The 2022be

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What is the 2022be?

For centuries, humanity has sought the secrets of the universe. Those universal truths that can guide mankind to enlightenment. While we still seek many today, the brilliant minds over the centuries have uncovered one great truth: a 365 day calendar year corresponds to a 360 card cube plus 5 basic lands. This discovery was met with such phrases as "Oh that's cool." and "Someone should do something with that." But these idle thoughts do nothing to progress the destiny of humanity forwards. That is why I have taken matters into my own hands.

The 2022be (pronounced "Twenty Twenty Tube") is a 360 card custom powered cube, of which one card will be previewed every single day of 2022 (with 5 basics at the end). Goofy art edits, card mashups, references to other games and sets, off-kilter riffs, and a whole lot of just plain silly stuff abound in this fun and very meta take on Vintage cube, optimized for play on Cockatrice.

This cube was created by DrChillbrain. If you have any comments or questions, you can find me on the Custom Magic Discord or the Magic Set Editor Discord. I'd love to see the decks you've drafted or the results of your games!