2022be is designed first and foremost for play on Cockatrice, a free digital client for Magic. The provided download includes a pre-made install of Cockatrice with everything you'll need to start playing: If you're looking to play 2022be with your friends, this digital option is recommended.

Full Windows Download

This download contains a ready-to-go installation of Cockatrice for Windows with the 2022be files all in place.

If you're on a platform other than Windows, or want to add 2022be's files to an existing Cockatrice installation, pull out the folder in downloadedPics and the xml file in customSets, then add those to your own install.

How to Conjure on Cockatrice.

To conjure a card, simply open the "Create a Token" menu and type the name of the card you're conjuring. It won't show up in the list of tokens, but if it shares a name with an existing card it will correctly show that card's image. In addition, make sure "Destroy token when it leaves the table" is unchecked, that way cards can be conjured into zones such as the hand or library.