2022be Frequently Asked Questions That Won't Actually Be Frequently Asked Because This Is A Fan Made Set That Not As Many People Will Play Compared To An Official One But If You Consider Frequently To Be A Relative Term Than You Could Consider This To Be A Proper Frequently Asked Questions You Know What Just Call It Rules That's Just Easier

Keywords and Mechanics


  • What happens if I roll a d0?

    • The result of a d0 is always 0. That's not perfect math but it's best for making the mechanic work, Math majors can die mad about it. Most effects still give you the lowest possible option if your result is 0.

  • How do I roll all these weird dice? I don't own every possible die!

    • Don't you guys have phones?


  • Are conjured cards tokens?

    • Nope, they're full-on cards. They can get shuffled into libraries, put into graveyards, bounced back to your hand, everything a normal card does, the only difference is they're removed at the end of a game. If you plan on printing out the cube to play in person, have either copies of the conjured cards or blanks you can write on sleeved in the same sleeves as the rest of the cube.

  • Why are there so many Sea Snidd cards?

    • If you were making this set you'd put this many Sea Snidd cards in it too.

GX Creatures

  • Can you activate a GX ability a second time if you flicker or bounce the creature?

    • No, you can only activate one GX ability per game.

  • Can you activate a separate creature's GX ability if you've activated a different one earlier?

    • No, you can only activate one GX ability per game.

  • Can you activate a GX ability if you've used one in a previous game of this round?

    • Yes, you can activate one GX ability per game.

Card by Card Rulings
Sevinne's Repairs Service

  • Can I return the card I discard as part of the Jump-start cost?

    • No. Targets are chosen before costs are paid.

Installation Wizard

  • What does "Successful Installation" mean?

    • It's just a flavor word, like "Error". All it means is you don't have to discard a card.

Oracle of Mul Drifter

  • Okay, how does this card work?

    • You can play cards form the top of your library as if they were the card Mulldrifter, for either of Mulldrifter's costs. They're put onto the stack as Mulldrifters, and they resolve to the battlefield as Mulldrifters. The only time they return to being normal is when they leave the battlefield, are countered, or something else weird happens that moves them to a different zone. They're never Mulldrifters in your graveyard, library, or anything else (Even when the cards are on top of your library, they don't become Mulldrifters until you cast them). You can cast lands this way just like spells, since they're not lands when you cast them, they're Mulldrifters.

  • What happens if I try to flicker a card that I made into a Mulldrifter?

    • It will return to the battlefield as whatever the original card was. If it's not a permanent, it remains in exile since it can't be put onto the battlefield.

Game Genie

  • Can this conjure a Silver-bordered card?

    • By default, no. However, if you and your opponent are both cool with it, go nuts.

  • What does the naming clause actually mean?

    • If you've named a card for any Game Genie effect during the current game, that card can't be named again. Flickering the creature doesn't reset this. You can name the same card again during the next game in a best-of-3 round.

Murktide Shinobi

  • So you can just delve away cards to pay for the Ninjutsu cost?

    • Yep. It works like you'd expect it to.

sorry i wasn't paying attention

  • What happens when I counter a spell with Delve with this card?

    • They'll have to pay the full mana cost of the spell, and won't be able to delve cards to help pay for that part.

Time Blender

  • What happens to the card I discard to the Jump-start ability when my graveyard gets shuffled away?

    • The discarded card is shuffled as well. Basically it just means you need at least one card in your hand to cast it from your graveyard.

Jace Beleren, Hypebeast

  • Does each player get a different card off a +2, or do they get the same random one?

    • Each player gets a different random card. Press the button twice.

Damned Daniel

  • Do the Vans do anything on their own?

    • No.

Toxic Fan

  • If my opponent gains life, does that reduce the number of sides on my dice?

    • No.

Phyrexian Work Mixer

  • Can I choose the same option more than once?

    • No.

Demonic Tudor's

  • What's the joke here?

    • Tudor's Biscuit World is a regional West Virginian restaurant chain that serves breakfast sandwiches.

Aspiring Alpha

  • Does it lose its old transforming ability when it reaches its next form?

    • Yes.


  • Does Kalonian Tusker get haste when it comes off Suspend?

    • Yes.

Spirit of the Format

  • Can you use this to find a legendary noncreature, even if it couldn't normally be your Commander?

    • Yes.

  • Can you use this to find a legendary land?

    • Yes.

  • If this ability triggers multiple times, can you have more than one Commander?

    • Yes, you can have as many Commanders as you want.

  • How does playing a land with Commander Tax work?

    • It's a special action. Playing a land doesn't become casting a spell, and you can't respond to it. It's like paying 3 to get your Companion from your sideboard, just a cost you can pay to make something happen (In this case, playing a land.)

Rotation Station

  • Does this let you activate mana abilities of lands without tapping them?

    • Yes.

Goblin Whatevermancer

  • Does this discount a card that's both types by 2?

    • No.

Phyrexian Eldrazi Sliver Planeswalker

  • Doesn't the ability that gives Slivers devoid technically not work due to layers?

    • Correct. If it just said "Slivers you control are colorless" it would work though, so if you're worried about exact stuff you can play as though it says that instead.

Tim, of the Wilds

  • Do Adventures count as Instants or Sorceries for this condition?

    • Nope.

Planeswalking Ballista

  • Does the -X on the loyalty ability have to be the same as the X in the mana cost?

    • Nope.