Print and Play

2022be is designed first and foremost to be played digitally through Cockatrice. However, if you do want to play it in paper, this page has print and play resources available as well. Keep in mind that you'll need to print, cut and sleeve not just the main cube, but also basic lands and everything you need for conjuring and other digital-first abilities.

Other options for handling conjured cards include through dry-erase tokens such as Cubeamajigs. However, these may vary in consistency with standard cardstock, so ensure that these can be shuffled into a deck before using them.

This PDF contains the 360 cards of the main set.


This PDF contains one of every token created in the cube.

2022be Tokens.pdf

This PDF contains copies of every card specifically conjured in the cube, with numbers of copies depending on how many you'll generally need. Keep in mind that some effects can conjure random cards or let you select any card, so even if you proxy these, there will still be some cards you'll need to handle in another way (such as with DFC placeholders or other cards you can write on).

2022be Conjureables.pdf

This PDF contains 50 of each 2022be basic land. I think it would probably be easier to just use official basics, but if you want to be an overachiever and get the full experience, the option is here. This should be enough for any 8 player draft.

50 of Each 2022be Basic.pdf