1.1 Patch Notes

The 2022be is finally back, new and improved! The card changes in this update are generally geared at buffing previously undesirable cards and giving more support to underdrafted archetypes (especially Big Green decks and control decks).

Bug Juice

2/2 -> 2/3

Even in decks that cared about sacrificing creatures this card was never a high priority. Adding some extra toughness to give it more relevance as a blocker against aggro early and making it dodge 2 damage removal should help at least a little bit with that.

El Dragon del Invierno

5UU 7/7 -> 4UU 6/6

Dropping the cost here should help make it a little more consistent as a control finisher, and perhaps make it more appealing for decks looking to storm off as well.

Game Genie

Added "If Game Genie would leave the battlefield, put it on the bottom of its owner's library instead."

Game Genie was far and away the strongest card in the cube, and it due to the ease of it enabling infinites it became a very linear card in a way that I did not like the play patterns of. This change, while it does remove any fair flicker synergies, should make the card less of an immediate "win the game" and make it play more dynamically.

Get Real

Redesigned: Now tutors any creature to the battlefield for 2GGG. Still has Jump-start.

The first of several designs to help big green decks. This is an incredibly powerful cheatout card but comes with a steep color requirement to incentivize playing it alongside green's high mana production as an accompanying piece to other expensive green creatures. This should hopefully serve as a stronger pull into that archetype.

Ranged Hermit

Gains 3 life on ETB.

When the big green decks did come together, they generally struggled a lot against aggro. This is a relatively small change but should help push the card as a way for these decks to stabilize in the midgame.

Reveka, Wizard Savant

Now costs 1WU and has 3 starting loyalty. +1 now conjures to the battlefield, -1 is now a +1.

This card was just a real dud. It's possible in the future it might need fully redesigned, but I'm going to try tweaking the numbers one more time to turn the +1 into essentially token production and to make it more powerful as a Tutor engine and see if that helps the card shine.


2/1 -> 3/1

Adding an extra point of power should make this card at least a bit more appealing for dedicated tempo decks.

Termination Notice

2B -> 1B, Now only kills targets with mana value 3 or less, but has Kicker 1B to restore original unconditional functionality.

3 mana removal is not where decks ended up wanting to be in this format. Dropping this to 2 so it can answer an early game aggro creature should make it make the cut more often. In addition this allows the card to curve into the spell it conjures.

The Accord

4WW -> 3WW

Same as El Dragon del Invierno, this card saw no play at its current mana value but at 5 it should be more appealing as a control finisher or a midrange topend.

The Great Pumpkin

Lost Ward, now has haste and gives your creatures +3/+3 and trample on ETB.

Pretty substantial redesign here. One of the biggest things Big Green was missing in this format was a Craterhoof equivalent to come down and immediately end the game with some mana dorks out. This slot was perfect for changing to fill this role.

Time Blender

No longer symmetrical, loses Jump-start.

This card was just a bit confusing as to how Jump-start interacted with shuffling your graveyard, so I opted to just simplify the card. In exchange, you'll no longer give your opponent a free hand as well, which should allow fair decks to make better use of it.

Tungsten Arm O'Doyle

Redesigned to no longer use Baseball tokens.

The Baseball tokens were a bit pointless, since you'd basically always just throw them immediately anyways. This should make the card a bit smoother to play.